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What do you gain from a Greenline House carbon label? A carbon label is a tool for showing the climate friendliness of a wooden house. However, the calculation and communication of a wooden house's carbon footprint can be a difficult and clumsy process. This is where we step in. Greenline House has made the process convenient and straightforward - simply enter the bulk of the materials used in the construction and we will present an infographic of the results, which can be easily printed, linked or displayed physically and digitally. 

Greenline House is a service that can be used by every house manufacturer. Registering in the system is free, as well as calculating a label.

The pricing of issuing a label is according to the following table (VAT not included). 

VAT not included

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A carbon label for Wooden Houses

The application grades the cradle-to-gate greenhouse gas emissions of creating your wooden house and issues a unique ecolabel for each model.

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What's the point?

Construction is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Wooden houses can change this.

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